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April 25-26

ODP College Showcase

May 10
Mountain Mayhem Tournament

May 23-26
Memorial Day Monster Tournament


Golden Goal is a 200-acre, one-of-a-kind, world-class sports complex. Everything is on site. Eat, sleep, train and play at one location. No distractions. Designed for teams to bond, tournaments to showcase, and athletes to focus, have fun and reach their potential.

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At Golden Goal, we believe that talent makes great plays, practice makes great players, coaches make great teams, and chemistry wins championships. There is no facility better equipped than Golden Goal for teams to build chemistry and for champions to rise.


We offer 4 state-of-the-art turf fields and 4with lights and sound, an on-site challenge course that tests athlete’s stamina and teamwork, as well as an Olympic-inspired residential Athlete Village.

View our Facilities page to see all of what Golden Goal has to offer.


Golden Goal offers top of the line soccer and lacrosse camps to develop skills, knowledge and an appreciation for the game. Our facilities allow athletes to train, eat and sleep all in one location supporting experiences for team bonding and chemistry.

Golden Goal’s amazing venue creates a perfect atmosphere to host soccer and lacrosse showcases as well as tournaments. Contact us to plan your own event!


Golden Goal is located in the Lake George Region of New York. Set against the majestic views of the Adirondack Mountains with endless blue skies, starry nights and fresh mountain air, Golden Goal is a special place that inspires the best in every athlete and coach. A relaxing Adirondack vacation is something the whole family can enjoy.